SARAH: PT(Potential Transformer or VT=Voltage Transformer) for PV power conditioner

It is an introduction of the potential transformer for voltage detection with optimized power conditioners for photovoltaic power generation, to demand monitoring system. SARAH Inc. supply transformer to match the customer’s design is available.


SARAH Inc. Potential Transformer

This product is based on the insulated structure of IEC60950.
  • Creepage distance: Over 4mm
  • If the plastic resin material exceeding the tracking resistance 600V is used, performance equivalent to the creepage distance of 8 mm will be guaranteed.
  • The linear characteristic is excellent in the domain of the low voltage.
  • There is little high frequency distortion.
  • Phase difference is small.



SL. No. Items Specification
1 Rated Primary side Voltage 50Hz / 60Hz, 100V / 200V
2 Operating Voltage Range 50Hz / 60Hz, 50V to 260V
3 Rated Secondary side Voltage 1V / 2V
4 Load Resistance 1kΩ
5 Turns Ratio 100 :1
6 Ratio Error ±1%
7 Phase Angle 1 deg. Maximum atrated
8 Dielectric Withstanding Voltage AC 2,000V: Primary to Secondary
Primary to Core
AC 1,000V: Secondary to core
No breakdown or flashover atone minute
9 Insulation Resistance 100MΩ (Between)
10 Type of Insulation Level Type E
11 Temperature Rise 50℃ Maximum
12 Operating temperature Range -10 to +50℃
13 Compatible Standard IEC 60950


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Potential Transformer Catalog



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