Ringing generator module

Ringing generator module SR-923 series




Power supply of the analog fixed-line telephone is not commercial power supply. Therefore, the analog telephone is used as emergency call at the time of blackout by the disaster. This product is ringing generator (sine wave) for the bell of analog telephone.



Product Number (P/N)

P/N Power supply voltage
SR-923-12 DC 12V
SR-923-24 DC 12V

Note) In case of 5V(DC) or 48V(DC) becomes the customer specification. When the customer specifications, we would like an inquiry.



General Rating

Rated Voltage SR-923-12 12 V±10% DC
SR-923-24 24 V±10% DC
Rated Current SR-923-12 600 mA DC max.( Ave.) at 12 V DC
SR-923-24 300 mA DC max.( Ave.) at 24 V DC
Normal Rated
SR-923-12 2.8 Watt
SR-923-24 2.8 Watt
Operating Temperature
/Humidity Range
Temperature: -10 to +60°C (See Note 1)
Humidity: 20 to 90% (See Note2)
Storage temperature
/Humidity Range
Temperature: -20 to +60°C(See Note 1)
Humidity: 20 to 90%(See Note 2)
Note 1) Include temperature rise of the ringing generator module.
Note 2) No condensation at normal temperature(20±5°C).

Primary electrical specifications

1) Output voltage :75V+8V/-10V(Balanced line output) at load resistance of 2kΩ.
2) The load of Max.: Example)Telephone ”600 – A1 model”(Former NTT), 3 sets max.
3) Frequency of Generator : 16Hz(sine wave), 15Hz to 18Hz.
4) Distortion factor :10% maximum.
5) Voltage proof : 500V AC(r.m.s) 1 minute between input from output.
6) Example of wave form chart : Measurement condition — Temperature : 25°C, Input voltage : 24V, Load resistance : 2kΩ.

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SARAH SR-923 series Catalog Download

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