HTK (Honda connectors): LVX series connectors for multi micro-coaxial cable, 0.4 mm pitch, 1.2 mm mated height

LVC series
  Example of application:Mobile phone, Lap-top PC, Network camera etc.


Plug for micro-coaxial cable

LVX-A30LMSG+(30 pos.) LVX-A40LMSG+(40 pos.) パルスヒート装置例
R/A plug for micro-coaxial Cable Pulse heat equipment
Wire termination method: Pulse heat solder  
P/N: LVX-A30LMSG+(30 pos.)  
P/N: LVX-A40LMSG+(40 pos.)  
Applicable cable: 42 AWG (7/0.025 mm) micro-coaxial cable  
Insulation jacket O.D: 0.3 mm dia.  


Receptacle for board

LVX-A30SFYG+(30 pos.) LVX-A40SFYG+(40 pos.) LVCケーブル仕様
Vertical receptacle for board Cable specification
SMT solder type (1) UL 1354
P/N: LVX-A30SFYG+(30 pos.) (2) Inner conductor: 42 AWG (7/0.025 mm)
P/N: LVX-A40SFYG+(40 pos.) (3) Insulation: 0.18 mm dia.
  (4) Outer conductor: 0.03 mm thick.
  (5) Insulation jacket: 0.3 mm dia.



Rated voltage 100 V AC (r.m.s)
Rated current 0.2 A / contact
Insulation resistance 100 MΩ minimum at 250 V DC
Dielectric withstanding voltage 250 V AC (r.m.s) / one minute
Operating temperature range –20 to +70°C.


Material and Finish

Parts name Material and Finish
Insulator LCP resin (GF), UL 94V-0 (Color: Black)
Contact Copper alloy, Gold over nickel plated
Plug shielded shell Stainless steel, selective tin plated
Receptacle shielded shell Stainless steel, tin plated


Download PDF

HTK(Honda Connectors): LVX series Catalog Download PDF
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HTK(Honda Connectors): LVX series Catalog Download PDF



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